How Important are Non- Game Videos?

Every Athlete looks their best in different settings. Perhaps you play for a really bad high school team and no matter what your abilities are the film doesn't look good. However, you also play on a phenomenal AAU team and you are thier superstar! Which videos would you want college scouts to see? Game planning your future requires many details that most people don't even think about.
In March of 2015 I received many requests for one of our athletes "workout film." The reason was because he played for one of these small schools. He was a Division 1 Caliber college football player and his high school film looked like he was playing against middle school players. This lead to scouts asking for film of him in the weight room and doing football related training. We made the videos sent out the film and he has since received many scholarship offers and will receive many more!
Do you have a professional filming your training sessions or your non-high school games?


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