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Hi, my name is Jeff Twiddy. I am the Founder & CEO of Game Plan Your Future, LLC. Our mission is to provide parents, athletes, and coaches with a common ground to get the necessary information and training to enter the world of collegiate athletics.

The reason I created this program was because in my 15+ years of coaching I saw too many Student Athletes that were capable of playing college sports not doing so for one reason or another and most to no fault of their own. I personally dealt with many situations where a college was interested in a player and either the high school coach, player, or parent didn't finish the deal.

What do I mean? Let me give you an example. I found out that a local school was interested in a running back that attended a very small high school. A high school where very few athletes ever played college sports. There were many issues. First, the coach had no idea how to handle the recruiting process because he had never had a player get recruited before. He didn't follow up. He didn't do the necessary things to get the deal done. It wasn't because he didn't want to. It was because he didn't have the knowledge or experience to. The second problem was the players grades. They were not awful but they were not a good reflection of his ability because all he was expected to do was “be eligible on Friday nights.” The third issue was that in his four years of high school he had only taken the ACT one time. His score was okay but with athletes the NCAA Clearing House uses your best score from each section out of all your attempts to calculate your total points. The points are then used to calculate what grade point average you would need to obtain to be eligible. As you can see the more times you take it the better. This is only true for athletes (much more detail to it than that of course). For more information on how this works CLICK HERE.

The young man I am speaking of just slipped through the cracks because he attended a small school where no one had the knowledge to deal with him. If he would have went to a prolific football school he would have been recruited heavily and for sure played college football. This is just one example of the disconnect between parents, athletes, coaches, counselors, and anyone else that determines the outcome of a your student athletes life.


What we do is simple. We are College Counselors for Student Athletes. We take high level Student Athletes get them in Collegiate Athlete shape, get them recruited, and do all of the Educational Counseling with them, their parents, and coaches if need be. I have seen more young men and women slip through the cracks then actually make it. Out of all the young men I've coached, for every one player that plays college sports I've coached 10 that were more talented that didn't make it.

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In conclusion there are very few schools that know how to deal with student athletes and their unique college planning process. Unfortunately these are mostly large schools that put tons of kids into college every year. These young men and women are not regular students and do not have the same sets of rules and procedures to follow as a non-athlete entering college. I know because I was a football coach for my entire career at one of the most prolific high schools in the country. We put multiple kids every year on college football teams. We had back up players that never played a minute of varsity football start on college football teams. 

Don’t hesitate to call and ask questions. If you know of a Student Athlete, Coach, or Parent that could use our services please send them our way! In the mean time download our FREE GIFT below!



Coach Jeff Twiddy MBA
Founder & CEO | Game Plan Your Future, LLC


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