"Jeff is a man of great integrity and work ethic. As I had time to watch him coach and teach the young athletes at Canton McKinley, he puts his heart and soul into making an impact in their lives."

Kenny Peterson NFL Defensive Lineman, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers*

"During 2012 the start of my sons Sophomore year of summer football practice, I began searching for a coach to work on the position of quarterback. I was looking for a coach that was able to assess, improve skill development, and knew the position being played. I happened to find a man named Coach Jeff Twiddy. After looking at his resume, where he had coached, and the fact that he worked with quarterbacks and wide receivers, I decided to give him a try. Needless to say I'm glad I made that call. Coach Twiddy has been able to fine tune my sons skills and develop a training routine that worked on core, posture, body movement, foot work, and speed. Coach Twiddy understands the position of Quarterback . Playing the position of Varsity high school quarterback is not an easy task, especially as a Sophomore. With the techniques taught by Coach Twiddy , my son was able to lead all area quarterbacks in his Division and received many awards of recognition. As we are half way through his Junior season of Varsity Football, my sons stats are impressive, and lead all league and area quarterbacks. This is a reflection of the skills taught and the relationship that Coach Twiddy is able to establish with each individual. His ability to relate with youth is exceptional. As for my sons off season and preparing for his Senior year of football, you can guarantee that Coach Jeff TwIddy will be a vital part of that preparation."

Mike Wiggins - Very Satisfied Parent*

"I did a lot of research before choosing a coach. I instantly seen greatness in Coach Twiddy. I love that he pushed my son past his comfort zone in the first session. I am so excited to see progress. I have no doubt Coach Twiddy is the perfect coach for my son and his future."


"My son has completed three sessions now with Coach Jeff. I see a huge difference in his form already and his willingness to work hard. Jeff is positive and patient with him and each session is different, he mixes the training up nicely. Will definitely be scheduling more sessions."


"I took my freshman QB son to Coach Twiddy for his first training session and was very impressed with his knowledge and drills. He is very good at evaluating players and determining what they need to work on. I was so impressed that we have scheduled an additional 10 sessions with Coach Twiddy. I would highly recommend him."


"Coach Twiddy has been a huge influence on my son in the last month. Coach Twiddy took him in the first hour of meeting each other and taught him more then he had learned in 2 years of Little League football. I was def blessed to have met him and watch him coach my son. He makes practices fun for my son who is only 9 years old. Trust me 9 year olds are tough to coach but Coach Twiddy has that quality to keep things moving and keep my son on track and learning. I searched for about 3 months for a coach I could feel comfortable with before handing my son to him. I have found that coach with Jeff. I looked at Coach Twiddy's background which is amazing and now I know why. The guy is the real deal. I feel very blessed to have him in my family's life and look forward to many years of Coach Twiddy being with my son during his training. I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about developing athletes into greatness."


Coach Jeff has been the best find for my son's football career. He really connects with his trainees and drives them to levels they never realized they could reach!


Coach Jeff has been doing a great job with my boys! They come home from each session feeling like they are improving in their skills. Jeff immediately realized how stiff my boys were and began to challenge them with flexibility and quickness drills. They are truly enjoying it.


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