For Athletes

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These resources were created to help Student Athletes prepare for College Athletics


Speed & Agility | Strength & Conditioning | Body Control & Flexibility | Bulking or Cutting | Explosiveness & Bounding! Our Personal Trainers will push you beyond your limits, help you set & achieve goals you didn't think were possible.

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This program is designed to propel a position group into the next level. Program entails Combatives | Combine Drill Prep | Technique and much more!

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You tell us the Sport and the Position and we will provide the expertise you are looking for!

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For Coaches

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These resources were created to educate your Staff | Players | Parents on College Planning


You've got questions and we've got answers. Invite one of our extremely experienced, ridiculously motivational, high energy experts to come speak to your teams athletes and parents! Click more info to check out the agenda!

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Team Training is the best way to build team unity, identify leaders, and instill a dominant alpha attitude in your players.

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Our playbooks aren't just playbooks. They have everything you need to install!

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For Parents

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These resources were created to help parents prepare their Student Athlete for College Athletics

Educational Consulting

Educational Consultants who specialize in working with Student Athletes and their unique set of rules when it comes to college planning.

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Let's face it, everyone needs help with this. We have Educational Consultants on staff that will help you find, apply for, & obtain scholarships. Did I mention one special Game Plan Your Future member each year will receive a scholarship from us?

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Let our contacts be your contacts! Be seen, Be Recruited, Play College Ball!

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What We Do

Student Athletes are an under-served niche! I bet you've never heard that before. Allow me to back that up. Sure large prolific high schools send plenty of kids to play Collegiate Athletics every year. What about the small division schools? If no one sees you play because you play for a bad team at a small school or perhaps you play on a decent team that is only decent because you're on that team, how would you ever get recruited? Then, even if by some small chance you did get recruited has your coach ever dealt with getting a player ready physically, scholastically, and athletically for collegiate athletics? Have they ever sent a player to college before? Do they know what film to show scouts? Do the Counselors know the difference athletes have with standardized tests and admissions? Is anyone at the school really knowledgeable about collegiate athletics? For most schools the answer is no. Not because they aren't capable but because it's not something they deal with everyday or year. Those special players are few and far between and some schools have never had one. So, why would they know how to handle the situation?

The point is there's no where to go to get help. During Week 9 of 2014 I went to a game to watch one of my clients play football. As I'm watching the game I notice this 6'5" 305 pound left tackle, punter, and kicker. Who is extremely athletic. Sitting two seats down from me was the young mans dad. We talked the entire game and I educated him a little bit on things that should be happening in the recruiting process. He had never heard of any of it. His son is good enough to play big time D1 NCAA Football. He is a junior. No one had told him when to take the ACT Standardized Test, how the sliding scale works, no one had guided them in anyway on how to how to train to be recruited, how to make highlight films, or any other necessary means of being recruited . He had received some generic flyers in the mail because the young man's size and weight was listed in the program but no real scouts had seen him play. 
This is a very common situation in small schools. That's where we come in. We make sure these athletes don't get missed. We guide them through every step of the process physically, mentally, academically, athletically the whole nine yards. Needless to say this young man will be working with us for the next year and I can't wait to let everyone know where he ends up! He has since received many NCAA Division 1 Scholarship offers.