Key Terms Used In Recruiting

Recruiting Vocabulary

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A student who has started classes for ninth grade.

Any solicitation of a prospect by an institutional staff member for the purpose of securing the prospect’s enrollment and ultimate participation in its athletic program.

Any off-campus activity designed to assess the academic qualifications or athletic ability of a prospect, including any visit to a prospect’s educational institution or the observation of a prospect participating in any practice or competition.

Any pre-arranged face-to-face encounter between a prospect or a prospect’s parents and an institutional staff member during which dialogue occurs in excess of an exchange of greetings.

Unofficial Visit 
A prospect may visit an institution’s campus at his own expense an unlimited number of times. A prospect may make unofficial visits prior to his senior year in high school.

Official Visit 
An all-expense paid trip provided by an institution to a prospect and their parent’s for a time period not to exceed 48 hours.  A prospect may take a maximum number of five (5) official visits with no more than one permitted for an individual institution.  The visit must occur after the start of the prospect’s senior year and the university must have a copy of the prospect’s transcript, standardized test score, and NCAA Clearinghouse identification number before an official visit can be extended.

“On the Board” 
A prospect has been determined by an institution to be earnestly recruited.  Where the prospect is placed on the board (top level, second level, etc.) is based on his relative ability rating to other recruited prospects.

An institution’s desire to provide a full grant-in-aid scholarship to a prospect.  An institution will extend more offers than it has scholarships available, therefore offers are generally honored on a “first accepted – first given” basis.

Verbal Commitment 
When a prospect gives his word that he will accept the scholarship offer made by an institution.  This acceptance greatly affects the status of other prospects being recruited by the institution and needs to be honored by both parties involved.

National Letter of Intent 
A binding contract between the prospect and the institution that is signed on the first Wednesday in February of the prospect’s senior year.  This contract guarantees the prospect’s future with the institution on a one-year renewable basis.


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