How to Reduce Burn Out From Visits During the Spring Recruiting Season

What am I talking about?

The worst thing you can do to your senior football season is visit every school in the country (exaggerating)! I see too many players going to visit the school, then going to camps, then going to spring games for every school. Spring Recruiting Burnout is very real and I see it happen every year!

The Fix...

The first thing you need to do is make a realistic list of the schools you want to visit. Then work with you coaches to see what those schools would like of you. Most of them will request you come to the campus as many times as you will go. This isn't necessary. If you are going to get a scholarship they are going to want to see you workout. Which means it is important to go to their camp or they need to see you workout somewhere else.

Spring Games

The spring game is just for show. If you have been to a game or have seen the school then that's just another trip and probably not necessary unless they are one of your top few choices. You will more than likely not get to have a real discussion with the head coach and at prolific schools you may not even get to talk with your position coach. Expect that! This prevents disappointment. Don't go to spring games expecting scholarship offers. That would not be the norm.


Another thing you can do to reduce burnout is set your schedule well in advance. Don't wait until the day before a spring game or the day before a camp to decide to go. This just adds stress to the whole day. Make a list of schools find out when the camps or visit days are and stick with it. The spurt of the moment decisions are the ones that have the most wear and tear on an athlete mentally and physically!
Other than that just try to enjoy it. The process is very long a grueling but it can also be very fun and exciting. Surround your self with good people and plan.
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