How to Get Recruited as an Offensive Linemen

Recruiting Offensive Linemen is one of the most challenging positions to recruit. The reason being is that there are a large number of kids that are in the 6'4" - 6'6" range with ability. However, seeing that ability can be an issue. If you play for a small school or in a poor high school league it can be very difficult to judge just how good you are from watching you at 6'6" 310lbs block other players that are 5'10" 150lbs. It's no ones fault but this makes for a hard to judge situation and highlight film. When this is the case you better have another way for the college coaches to see your ability. This is where non-football film comes into play. There are things you can do to prepare for these films. 

These are some things that college coaches look for that you can spend time improving before sending them film.


1. Ankle Flexibility

They want you to be able to keep your heals on the ground when you squat.

2. Leverage

They want to see that you can play low and with great leverage. It's easy for you to punch a 150 pound high school player to the ground but when you are trying to block J.J. Watt what will you look like? LOW MAN WINS!

3. Train as Violently as You Play

Can you see the intensity in your workouts? Is it visible that you can turn it on and off when need be. Do you know when those times are?

4. The Arch in Your Back

This goes back to leverage. Will you be flexible and play with enough leverage to play with your eyes and chest up from a low stance?


Above are some of the pieces of equipment you will need to perform  the stretches from the video. It is imperative that you can perform all of these drills. Click the images for more information.

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