5 Ways to Stand Out as a College Recruit

There are over 500,000 high school football players in the United States each year. How in the world will anyone find you? Here are 5 ways to stand out as a college recruit.

Josh Sills Medicine Ball
  1. Invite coaches to come watch you workout. Sure easier said than done right? If you don't have the contacts then get someone to film your workouts. You can use an iPhone just like in this video. Then download one of many video editing apps like iMovie, add your clips and some music. When you are done put it all over the Internet and social media. This is a great tip for those of you that play at small schools. Make sure to show your High School Coach before you send it out to get his input on the footage.
  2. Attend Junior Days and other High Level Camps. Remember all it takes is one person to see something they like and tell the right person. If you want a list of camps check back next week. That will be the GPYF Blog topic. It's important to not waste time or money at camps and showcases that no one will be at.
  3. Put in the extra work. There are many kids who are born talented. Potential is great but if you don't show coaches that you are willing to go above and beyond to tap into that potential then that is all it is... Potential! Spend time doing the things you probably don't get to do at practice. For example, speed and agility training. Grab a speed ladder, some stairs, or a good old fashion hill and get to work! Then spend the same amount of time on your Standardized Tests and School Work. Being ELIGIBLE and MARKETABLE are two completely different things.
  4. Train with someone who works harder than you. The obvious thought here is "no one out works me, that's why I'm getting recruited." Every team has that one guy who is completey undersized not very skilled but will sacrifice anything and everything for his team. This is the guy in the weight room that everyone stairs at because they are wondering why is he doing all this he will never play. That answer is simple because he's the guy that will turn out to be a great man because he sees that the team is bigger than himself. That's who you want to workout with.
  5. Stay away from distractions. They are EVERYWHERE! You know what they are you know how to avoid them. Live by this one simple rule and you will be fine. "DO THE RIGHT THING!" You always know what that is. Just do it!
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