5 Things to Know About Getting Recruited 

1. Do not rely solely on your coach or any other one source. Just like anything else in life it's not about what you know it's about who you know.
2. Make it easy on coaches to recruit you. Starting in 8th grade (if you take high school courses then) make sure you get excellent grades. The sooner you are registered with the clearing house and are able to be a qualifier the sooner the coaches will pay more attention to you. It is just one less reason for them not to recruit you. You are an investment to that school. There is a risk reward when offering a player. The less risks that come along with you the easier their decision is.
3. Always act and treat people as though your on 24-7 video and the coaches can see everything you do. If a coach really wants to know how a potential prospect acts they will go ask the High School Janitor, your Teachers, and your Peers. Don't give any of them a reason to say something negative about you.
4. Understand that getting a full ride D1 scholarship is very rare. Less than 1% of high school players receive one. CLICK HERE for more info on Scholarships.
5. If you are a D1 Prospect you will probably know that by the end of your Sophomore year. The end of your sophomore year is also when you should take the ACT Standardized Test for the first time. Make sure you know the Recruiting Calendar for your sport.
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