Athlete Responsibilities


Student Athlete Responsibilities

Give Yourself An Opportunity

  1. be realistic – do not plan on receiving a scholarship
  2. over 500,000 senior prospects – less than 2500 scholarships awarded
  3. perform to the best of your ability in every facet of your life
  4. maximize your high school experience and recruiting will take care of itself


  1. maximize your grade in every class beginning first term freshman year
  2. follow the 48H S.C.O.R.E. sheet when scheduling classes
  3. take a standardized test (ACT / SAT) by the end of your sophomore year
  4. continue to show improvement throughout high school career


  1. prepare yourself physically to compete at the highest level possible
  2. improve your physical skills and mental preparation each day at practice
  3. compete with extraordinary effort and class
  4. perform everyday as if recruiters are watching…because they are


  1. be a model student-athlete
  2. be a leader in your school and your community
  3. be a son that you know will make your parents proud
  4. be respectful and courteous to every recruiter regardless of interest

Dealing with Recruiters

  1. complete and return all correspondence – this is common courtesy
  2. ask direct questions to determine their interest in you
  3. ask direct questions to determine your interest in them
  4. be honest, but respectful if you are not interested – never burn a bridge

To the Program - Athlete Responsibilities

  1. communicate with your head coach throughout the process
  2. perform the aforementioned responsibilities with great integrity
  3. be a role model – you will not be the last player recruited
  4. have fun and “remember who you are”