The Best Football Drills For Kids: O-Line Part II

It all starts with the STANCE! This sounds like an easy thing to teach but in reality we all know it usually doesn’t go well at first. There are kids who are naturally flexible and athletic enough to just get it right the first time. However this isn’t the case for most. Just like the […]

Be Recruited

Be Recruited – Importance of Being a Multi Sport Athlete

We surveyed 17 NCAA Division 1 College Football and Basketball Coaches. Here are the results and why we did this pole… 1. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO BE RECRUITED THAT STUDENT ATHLETES PLAY MORE THAN ONE SPORT?   All 17 coaches said that in order to be recruited Multi-Sport athletes have a distinct advantage because they […]

How to Reduce Burn Out From Visits During the Spring Recruiting Season

What am I talking about? The worst thing you can do to your senior football season is visit every school in the country (exaggerating)! I see too many players going to visit the school, then going to camps, then going to spring games for every school. Spring Recruiting Burnout is very real and I see […]

Put Recruiting in Your Own Hands

Remember Week 9 of 2014?If you have visited our Who We Are page then keep reading. If you have not CLICK HERE to read the story before moving along with this post.    This post will be a little different than all of the others. I am going to share a personal story about one […]

3 Ways to Reach Out to College Coaches

1.     Find their email address. Hint: for large schools it’s on the Academic Website of the school not the sports website. Look in the Faculty Directory. (We will put a template of information to include in a future post.) 2.     Twitter! This can be a little more difficult. Just because you follow a […]