Educational Consulting

College Counselor

Price Depends on Number of Years & Complexity of Planning /Student

Let one of our Educational Consultants completely guide you and your Student Athlete through this very stressful process. We will...

  • Create a digital planning timeline & calendar that both the student and parents will have access to so no deadlines are missed
  • Help Complete and File your FAFSA
  • Assist in Registering for and Completing your CCS Profile
  • Help Choose the School that is Right for You
  • Assist in the College Application Process
  • Complete Institutional Forms
  • Complete Scholarship Search and Applications
  • Analyze Financial Aid Awards
  • Appeal Process
  • Assist with Standardized Test Strategies (Get Fee Waiver Vouchers if Applicable)
  • Register for Standardized Tests | Choose the Right Test | How to Prepare for the Test
  • Complete College Application Forms (Get Fee Waivers if Applicable)
  • Guidance in Selecting Topics & Writing College Application Essays (College Essay Organizer -
  • Complete Common Application (If the School Applies)
  • Assist in Obtaining Letters of Recommendation
  • Plan for & Schedule College Visits & Interviews
  • Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile Complete with Professional Profile Photo (This will be a part of your resume package)
  • Create a Resume Website
  • Create & Send Out Film to Schools / Create Relationships with Collegiate Coaches