Decision Making Process

The Final Steps

Determine important personal factors

  1. course of study – is your intended major offered
  2. location of school – distance from family
  3. enrollment of school – size and reputation of student body
  4. level of competition – division and/or conference
  5. opportunity to play – relative to your ability (Huge factor in decision making process)
  6. relationship with recruiters – do you trust coaches and teammates
  7. community – you will play less than 50 games, but live there over 1500 days
  8. consistency – will the head coach be at the school throughout your career
  9. financial consideration – cost to attend school / travel to and from
  10. “why me” – what is the reason for you being offered a scholarship

Establish a “short list” of schools

  1. list all of the schools recruiting you
  2. list all of the schools that you have an interest
  3. rate all of the schools using your important personal factors
  4. concentrate on the five top-rated schools in your decision making process

Five “critical” questions

  1. will I receive a quality education and what are my post-graduate opportunities
  2. is the campus community and support network conducive to my success
  3. is it a quality football program in which I’ll have an opportunity to play
  4. will the coaching staff help me meet my potential as a player and as a man 
  5. can my family share in my college football experience

On a visit to campus

  1. ask as many questions as possible to assist in your decision making process
  2. talk to “normal” students about their experience on campus
  3. do the facilities show a commitment to success
  4. do the players, coaches, and university function as a family
  5. you will have a “gut feeling” whether it is the right place for you or not

 When you have reached a decision

  1. verbally commit to the Head Coach – only he can make it official
  2. contact each “short list” school and inform them of your decision – class act
  3. announce your commitment to the press – helps solidify your decision
  4. promptly complete all paperwork needed for enrollment
  5. communicate with your head coach to help with any problems

Preparation for college football

  1. finish strong academically - this can make the decision making process much easier
  2. complete and return all paperwork immediately – makes a strong statement
  3. continue to work hard on your physical development
  4. maintain social and community responsibility
  5. show the university that they are getting a “winner”