Put Recruiting in Your Own Hands

Remember Week 9 of 2014?

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This post will be a little different than all of the others. I am going to share a personal story about one of Game Plan Your Future's Members. Here goes...


It all started week 9 of the 2014 football season. I went to watch one of our other members play because he was going to break a bunch of school quarterback records during the game as a junior. When I arrived at the stadium I sat down next to the young mans dad. The school was very small and in a rural area. 

This is where it all began!

After watching the first few plays I noticed another young man that played on the same team. When I say young man I mean a 6'6" 218 pound Offensive and Defensive Linemen who moved like a skill player. As I watched I started to become more intrigued. Why? Well, the young man was also the kicker and punter on the team. That's an enormous punter!

HUGE Coincidence!

I then asked the quarterback's dad who this young man was. The young mans dad was sitting right next to me of course. His name is Josh Sills.

The Sad Part...

Once I started talking to his dad it didn't take long to realize that Josh had never been looked at by any college coaches, he had never taken the ACT, he had no idea what the steps were in the recruiting process or even where to start. We talked the rest of the game about things that should be happening and when. They were way behind. Just to put things into perspective, if this young man played for a prolific division one high school football program he would have already had multiple scholarship offers. 

After the Game...

Once the game ended Josh's dad introduced me to Josh then we went to dinner with both families. During dinner they all realized they needed some help. They realized they wanted help.


A few weeks later I got a call from the Quarterback's dad saying that Josh and his parents wanted some help as well. Josh has worked his tail off in the weight room and followed all of the advice we have given them. Josh plays for a very small high school out in the middle of no where. It was really a very common situation. Once I explained to them that Josh had the ability to play NCAA Division I Football it was a no brainer for them to make the decision to drive over an hour one way multiple day a week to train and work with us. They made an all in commitment. 

The Pay Off! 

Josh has received many offers and Saturday he received an offer from the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. His game film from high school is not good because he is playing against a bunch of what looks like little kids. He just fires off the ball and punches them to the ground. It is not his fault but it is hard to see how truly skilled he is by watching his high light film. So, we created this workout film of Josh to send to schools to show just how skilled and hard working this young man really is. 

Why am I telling this story?

The reason I felt it was important to share this information is because it really shows how important it is to put your future in your own hands rather than waiting for things to happen. Josh has put in countless hours of relentless hard work to get where he is now. The workout film, his ACT preparation, the combines we sent him to all played crucial roles in where he is today. He went from being completely unknown to an offer from the University of Michigan in a few months. If he were to have just relied on his Hudl game film and hoping the right person saw it he would not be where he is today.
So the question is... What are you doing to make sure your dreams of playing college football come true? Have you put recruiting in your own hands? A great place to start is by downloading this FREE eBOOK!
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