Football Skills: What is The Best Speed Training Equipment

Speed training in football has changed a lot over the past 10 years. The speed training equipment has followed suit. Football is a very unique game. It is played in very awkward positions and in a violent manner. The game (at all levels) has transformed into more of a "track meet." Are you working on your payers football skills with the best equipment?

The fact that I brought that up will probably cause an up roar but that's okay. The bottom line is yes there are still smash mouth football teams, there are still places for big hits, but no one can argue that the game has changed drastically when it comes to types of players that are required to run spread offenses and defend them. 

With that said, the off season preparation has swayed more from creating enormous powerful players to explosive, elusive, fast, agile athletes. Even on the offensive and defensive line. Players have to be able to move and move fast! 

With all of the variations of the Wing T, Single Wing, Double Wing, Triple Option, and others evolving into shotgun and pistol formations players now have to be able to play on an island one on one and make plays. 

We will be releasing reviews of our TOP 5 Favorite Pieces of Equipment to Use over the Next Several Weeks! 

Number 5 on the list is used to work fast twitch lower body muscles. The SKLZ 6X Speed Hurdle

1. When athletes are trying to move as fast as possible and as violently as possible it is important for the hurdles to be durable. Prior to purchasing and finding this video we tried many other hurdles including others made by Sklz. Our athletes always broke them doing drills and we always wound up spend the money we saved buying them purchasing new ones when they broke.

In the video below is Austin he was 11 at the time and wasn't very big. As you can see the adjustable Sklz Hurdle snapped.

2. We always used the adjustable hurdles because we felt they would have more uses. What we actually found is that we NEVER adjusted them. It was more important that they were durable.

In the video below Timmy who is going into 8th Grade and twice the size of Austin stomps the SKLZ 6X Speed Hurdle in the same manner as Austin and it is still good as new!

3. When you have a ton of speed hurdles they are difficult to put back in the bag and make sure they are all adjusted the same so they fit in the bag. It was a real hassle and time consuming. The SKLZ 6X Speed Hurdle
stack perfectly and can be put away in second.

Below is the Sklz 6X sales video! They did an excellent job with this product and it is the only Speed Hurdle we use now!

Here is an affiliate link to purchase these hurdles!
SKLZ Footwork and Agility 6X Training Hurdle


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