3 Ways to Reach Out to College Coaches

1.     Find their email address. Hint: for large schools it's on the Academic Website of the school not the sports website. Look in the Faculty Directory. (We will put a template of information to include in a future post.)

2.     Twitter! This can be a little more difficult. Just because you follow a coach doesn't mean they will follow you. However, it's not hard to put a link to your highlight video in your profile. You can also share with your followers and people retweet things they like. All it takes is one right person to see it. You can also @ mention the coaches. Be sure to not make it the first words in the tweet though because then only people who follow both of you will see it. Follow people who work for and run recruiting agencies. They like to share things because the more athletes they work with that pan out the more publicity they will receive. 

3.     Find someone that knows one of the players on the team or someone that you know who plays on the team that will introduce you in some way. If the coach likes what he hears or sees he may reach out to you or he may not. Everyone likes hearing good things about someone before they take a chance on them. Think about if you were going to a new restaurant with friends that have already been there. You'd ask them what is good right? Same thing!

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